About Us

#1 Crawfish Supplier in the USA

Boudreaux Seafood Team

Dan McLaughlin, President/CEO

Our Mission

At Boudreaux's, our mission is to seek the world's finest frozen crawfish, shrimp and fish fillets and deliver it to you at competitive prices.

Boudreaux's seafood products are carefully selected and quickly frozen at the source to ensure freshness and true flavor when arriving at your table.

Our History

Boudreaux's is the largest supplier of crawfish products in the United States and has been a leader in the frozen seafood industry since its inception in 1988.

No other American-based distributor exceeds Boudreaux's knowledge about the production, market conditions and availability of crawfish. This expertise allows us to provide our customers with consistently high-quality seafood at low prices.

Our Commitment

Boudreaux's is deeply committed to maintaining or exceeding FDA and HACCP inspection standards. We demand internal quality control, allowing us to guarantee weight, count, uniformity and quality for all Boudreaux's seafood.

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